Horse Drawn Vehicles

Stage Coach Rides at Harris Stage Lines

Experience a ride in a Concord Stagecoach at Harris Stage Lines.Relive history, traveling by stagecoach just as it was in Paso Robles in the late 1860’s.Tour SRY Coaches collection of horse drawn vehicles that helped settle & open America.Next over to the livery stable & see the various breeds of horses including the “Gentle Giants” our Belgian draft horses.Watch us hitch the horses to the stagecoach, then board the coach for a ride that will take you back in time.

You are invited to bring a picnic and enjoy the ranch.Rates:  $50.00 per person with a $200.00 minimum.

Reservations required, times & dates are flexible





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This is a full-size reproduction of an Abbott and Downing Concord mail coach. Every detail for authenticity was followed, including the leather boot, leather throughout braces and brocade interior. J.W. Brown of Weatherford, TX. built this #20 coach for the Harris’ in 1986. If you have never seen a historic stagecoach like this you will be amazed at the beauty and detail in this hand crafted masterpiece.
Dimension of the Stagecoach. Height 8’9” Width 7”2” Length 15’


1860’s restored chuck wagon complete with full chuckbox and 20’ x 30’ fly (canvas awning).
Available for use with or without horses for your BQ, special event, parade or promotion. Dimensions of the Chuck Wagon: Height 9” Width 5’10” Length 13”



Hauls up to twenty adults or thirty small children.





Harris Stage Lines purchased these 2 authentic chariots from the  Randalls. Glenn Sr. is a famed Hollywood horse trainer and trained the chariot drivers & horses for the movie “Ben Hur”. Each chariot is drawn by either two or four horses abreast and driven by costumed charioteers. Make a spectacular entrance with the chariot or accent your affair with the chariots as props. As the ultimate stunt the chariots can be raced then one chariot breaks away and leaves the driver to drag behind the horses!
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